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What his clients say about Ron’s work

For nearly two decades, Ron has worked with hundreds of industry leading executives along with top high potentials

“He transformed my outlook on leadership”
Ron has completely transformed my outlook on leadership, which has in part contributed to a 20- point increase in my team’s employee satisfaction in less than 23 months.


Frederic Perron
Former Senior Vice-President
Customer Base Management
Rogers Communications

“Keynote results surely hit the mark”
Thank you for your inspiring keynote address at our recent TMG Summit Conference in Cancun, Mexico…the results surely hit the mark…our attendees were all standing to salute your presentation at the end.


Mark Kerzner
President & CEO
The Mortgage Group

“He is incredibly
Ron Bremner’s energetic off-site session struck all of the chords I was looking for… no doubt due to the time, careful thought and attention he spent in preparing for it… He is incredibly generous… and it is clear that it stems from his heart-felt desire to see everyone succeed.

Kids Can Press

Lisa Lyons
President, Kids Can Press

“Helping me achieve my most recent promotion to Senior Vice President”
I worked closely with Ron for a little over a year during one of my many career transitions… He always had great insights.  More than a coach, Ron served as a mentor for me, each conversation was natural, and I always left each one with a new perspective on the challenge of the day. I know he was instrumental in helping me achieve the next level in my career both personally in my leadership style… but also figuratively with my most recent promotion to Senior Vice President. Thanks again Ron!


Mark Segal
Senior Vice President, Business IT
Rogers Communication

“The team was inspired and left the session empowered”
The reviews are in and it’s unanimous! You were spectacular! I could not have asked for a better result from the leadership session you presented here at CBC Vancouver yesterday. The team was inspired and left the session empowered with a new perspective on their leadership skills. Thank you Ron! Can’t wait for the next one!”


Johnny Michel
Senior Managing Director, CBC English Services

“No better qualified individual to get the job done”
If you are looking to motivate, educate and teach your people some important life-long skills in customer service, sales and people management, you couldn’t find a better qualified or more experienced individual to get the job done than Ron Bremner.


D. Hopkinson
Senior Vice President, Business Partnerships, Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment


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June 2, 2016

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Canadian Business
February 27, 1998


I was not sure what to expect as I had engaged previously with a professional coach but my experience was ultimately disappointing as it was simply textbook coaching. In your case given the wealth of experience I can’t think of one example where you didn’t have a real life example and in most cases your own experience not someone else’s.

You provided me the confidence to stay out of my comfort zone and grow tremendously. The world I work in now is so different from most of my working life I cannot imagine how I could have navigated all of this change without you. I have not only survived this sea change but I have thrived and continue to have a greater impact every day.

As our business goes through tremendous changes we still remain a people business and with a relentless focus on the client I cannot think of a more qualified coach to work with then you.

CIBC Wood Gundy

Gary Mayzes
Managing Director – Strategic Advisory Program, CIBC Wood Gundy


I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the incredible impact you have had on our organization over the past five plus years. The Leadership Coaching you have provided to our top executives has been a key component to the success of our multi-year succession plan. Each participant has demonstrated a noticeable growth and development in their business acumen, strategic decision making and emotional intelligence.

Govan Brown

Sarah Paul
Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Social Responsibility
Govan Brown Construction Managers


Mr. Bremner has helped shepherd my career by focusing on leadership and constant self improvement. I felt as though my career has been fast tracked thanks to the 2 years of work with Gold Medal Consulting.

Whether it was working with myself directly or working with our entire sales team, our cluster is in a better place today than it was 2 years prior.


Mike Searson
Director of Sales, Corus Radio Vancouver


I truly believed before we hired Ron Bremner as a coach, that the investment would be worthwhile.  As this assignment has now ended. I am more convinced than ever that it was the right thing to do.

Ron has brought 3 of my people along so much faster than if I had to do so myself. I always like to say that “the proof is in the pudding”, for example when you look at John’s performance in the year that he worked with him, he ended up leading his team to having the best year ever, increasing sales by an amazing 28%.

Through Ron’s Executive Coaching, we as a company, are in much better shape to face the everyday challenges than we were at the same time the year prior.


Len Cochrane
President, Teletoon Canada Inc.


Ron’s approach to leadership coaching is customized and determined by the unique personality and aspirations of his client. Ron took the time to get to know me and understand my work environment. Through the use of a third party assessment tool, he gained and shared insight with me on my personality characteristics and tendencies.

Using all of this information and situations from my work, Ron had built on and reinforced my strengths.  He challenged me to stretch and operate beyond my comfort zones to develop new skills and instincts that have helped me to be more effective as a leader and as a person. [..]

Ron is genuine in his desire to help his clients grown and achieve their goals.  His feedback is honest and constructive, and most importantly, he coaches leadership by modeling it.


Lisa Mitchell
Director of Sales, SaskTel


From our first day working together, you took a personal interest in my well-being and growth. Through our many discussions, you helped me to better organize my strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps most importantly, you also encouraged me to take time to invest in my professional development. As someone who spends most of their time thinking about the needs of clients, this was often easier said than done. However, with your support, I feel like I have made a lot of progress, and have been very happy with the impact that it has had in both me an my team.

CIBC World Markets

Ryan Voegeli
Managing Director & Head
Consumer, Industrials & Telecommunications
Investment Banking | CIBC Capital Markets


Working with you for over a year, not only transformed my career, but you were the catalyst for the paradigm shift in my thinking. Making the transition from a business development mindset focused on achieving individual results, to a leadership mindset that redirected my energy and passion into people and finding uncompromising success to a team. This was not easy, but you had both the patience and experience to coach me through this growth mindset.


Tyler Mazereeuw
Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer, Canadian Football League


I would like to express my deep appreciation and thanks to Ron for the past two years of mentoring, coaching, advice and guidance.  During this time, which has been a crucial point in the development of our business, Ron Bremner provided me with a basic framework for helping me to manage the sales and marketing team.

More recently our focus grew to include guidance on the leadership of the company as I assumed operational responsibility as well, a promotion that you had a large hand in helping me to achieve. [..]

Ron Bremner provided me, and the team with advice on specific opportunities and based on his personal experience helped us to navigate account plans and funnel opportunities through to closing.

Blue Ocean Centers

Andrew O’Brien
Chief Operating Officer, Blue Ocean Contact Centers


From our first meeting Ron outlined clear expectations and committed to a weekly review.  I always looked forward to our calls and always walked away with tremendous insight that was usable in my day-to-day role. Most of all, I was able to use some of the material in my personal life which has helped me immensely!

All great players have a great coach to guide them. I am thrilled to have had the pleasure to work with Ron Bremner and help him guide me.


Victor Giacomelli
VP, Radio Sales, Corus Entertainment


Ron is a true leader with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.  He is very flexible and does an excellent job of customizing his messages based on the needs of the individual or the organization as a whole.

If you are looking for an exceptionally talented individual as a motivational speaker or a personal leadership coach, I highly recommend Ron Bremner.


Doug Burnett
Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Services, SaskTel


Based on a caliper profile which Ron recommended, he provided Andrew with insight into himself and his strengths which was used as a base for his further development. Ron set an environment of openness, accessibility, availability and wise counsel which was deeply appreciated.

Andrew now has greater skills, more confidence and even better judgment. The selection of Andrew as Chief Operating Officer of one of our companies, is a testament to Andrew himself and also to Ron’s work with him. At every step along the way and in Andrew’s full sight, Ron kept me involved and informed.

I appreciate the climate of open learning which he fostered and supported. Ron, is a wonderful personal coach and advisor.  He has a lot of wisdom coupled with experiences and seasoned with excellent judgement.


Steve Parker
Chairman & CEO, CCL Group



Your presentation was a terrific way for us to start our conference and a new year. It reminded our people of the very important principals of success weaved with your interesting stories and experiences throughout.

More than anything though we appreciated the time you spent planning and interviewing us to get to know our people, our business and our culture so that your message was delivered in a meaningful and relevant way.

The Mortgage Group

Mark Kerzner
President & CEO, TMG The Mortgage Group


Even though both audiences were so different in their background and experience levels, the lessons and wisdom you impart are so universal, the great responses and questions you incited were no surprise. You don’t hear too much these days about the basics of customer service.

The fact that a room of people can hear you take on customer service, the importance of it, and the consistent approach you brought to customer service throughout your career, is worth its weight in gold.

Discount Car & Truck Rentals

Jay Singer
President and CEO, Discount Car and Truck Rentals


What a great experience to have Ron speak at our recent team meeting! Ron interacted well with our group. His mix of humour and business acumen resonated with all members of the audience. Ron took the extra time to connect with several individuals prior to the meeting to provide a beneficial message for everyone.

From the feedback received, comments were very positive. Ron, we thank you for the time you took out of your busy schedule to speak to my team.

Peter Sgarbossa
Vice President, Foodland (Sobeys)


I wish to thank Ron Bremner for his outstanding keynote address at the SaskTel Leadership Conference. We enjoyed having Ron with us and have received many positive responses to his motivational message. His presentation was a wonderful combination of humour and inspiration and I know that his ideas have generated a great deal of enthusiasm amount our leadership team.

Thank you Ron, for an excellent presentation and for your contribution to the success of our conference.


Robert Watson
President & CEO, SaskTel


Ron has a unique ability to change his message on the fly as he receives feedback from the participants. Several managers commented how they took away a number of practical tools to use when they got back to the office Monday morning. I would certainly use Ron Bremner as a keynote speaker again should the opportunity present itself.

Genstar Capital

James Hammermeister
President, Genstar Development Company


Your conversational and genuine approach ensured that everyone was comfortable; and the powerful messages that you punctuated with anecdotes and your personal life lessons, will be memorable for our staff for years to come… I’m quite sure that no one will ever look at ham and eggs the same way!

This valuable session left all of us with insight that we can immediately put into practice – as you reminded us: there’s plenty of room on the extra mile!


Doug MacQuarrie
Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES)



Your workshop How to Say “No” to People you “Know” offered strong leadership advice, excellent discussion points, and was delivered with candor. You painted a clear picture of your leadership journey, along with great anecdotes and interesting research.

The time and effort you put into your work was evident and very much appreciated. As a follow-up, all three of your sessions received great reviews and provided the students, business professionals, and invited guests with great value.


Trevor Georgie
Title Sponsor, Georgie-Odette Leadership Symposium


Thank you so much for spending time with my Elite Training Class. Every year I reach out to leaders in the community to have them come in and share their wisdom and experiences with my class. The job Ron Bremner did on customer service, ranks among the top presentations in the six year history of the class. Loaded with useful facts and emotionally stimulating at the same time.

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Richard A. Peddie
President & CEO, Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment


We had almost 300 people attending our Business Sales and Solution’s Sales Rally. One of the objectives for our conference was to rejuvenate and refresh our team during this challenging time. Ron spoke about engagement and accountability; how ‘you’ can make a difference.

His message was both motivating and thought provoking. A week has passed and people are still speaking of his message. We were fortunate to be able to have him speak to our group.


Terry Liske
Sales Manager, SaskTel



I want to thank Ron for the energy and enthusiasm he brought to our recent off site session. It struck all of the chords I was looking for. All of this was no doubt in large measure due to the time, careful thought and attention Ron spent in preparing for it.

Developing a relationship with a number of the staff members and seeking their input – in addition to mine – was a key to the day’s success. [..] What’s more, Ron has gone above and beyond to follow-up with not only me, but members of the team, to ensure we are making progress where he left off.

Ron Bremner has been incredibly generous in that regard and it is clear that it stems from his heart-felt desire to see everyone succeed as a result of working with Gold Medal Consulting.

Kids Can Press

Lisa Lyons
President, Kids Can Press


I want to thank Ron Bremner for facilitating a workshop for our management team. It was a very enjoyable and very beneficial session and it has positioned us to move forward with a new strategic plan for the next five years. [..]

The workshop was excellent. We all felt comfortable putting forth our ideas and Ron’s communication style put everyone at ease.

I feel that the group opened up and identified a number of significant issues that we needed to address as a department.

University of Guelph

Tom Kendall
Director, Department of Athletics, University of Guelph


Ron’s message(s) regarding the necessity and ‘How’ to develop “Leaders at Every Level”, coupled with the way in which we as an organization need to view ourselves, our advertisers and our fans really resonated with everyone in attendance at the three separate work sessions he conducted.

The feedback from our people was most impressive and we are still receiving positive reviews on the impact Ron made on our people. [..] A big part of this is the fact that Ron took the extra time and effort to meet separately in advance of the workshops with all 45 people who attended. [..]

If you are looking to motivate, educate and teach your people some important life-long skills in customer service, sales and people management, you couldn’t find a better qualified or more experienced individual to get the job done than Ron Bremner.

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

David Hopkinson
Senior Vice President, Business Partnerships, Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment


Ron is a dynamic individual who can wear many hats and carries out his responsibilities in an exemplary manner. Ron was our facilitator for the Jays Care Foundation’s Board of Director’s annual think tank session. Ron, through his outdoing personality and great people skills, was able to get all of our directors involved in the discussion which eventually led to the development of our strategic goals and objectives.

As a director of the Foundation myself, I was truly amazed with how Ron did his homework prior to the event by encouraging the directors to come prepared. Through his leadership and his exuberant personality, he managed to even get the most laid back person to participate in the project.

Toronto Blue Jays

Paul V. Godfrey
President/CEO, Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club



Ron has a tremendous gift for challenging current priorities and practices while offering both encouragement and inspiration; he can tell you that something you are doing needs to improve and make you feel good about fixing it. He helped to build cohesiveness within the team while picking up and reinforcing individual skills and attributes.


Stephanie MacKendrick
President, Canadian Women in Communications


Mr. Bremner was elected for his expertise in communications and marketing. He has been a tremendous asset to the board in this area and his perspective on various governance issues not just in his area of expertise has been very helpful. He has provided guidance on matters related to business operations and has been a contributing member of the Nominations Committee of the CCES. [..] The CEO of the CCES, Paul Melia, will continue to work professionally with Mr. Bremner over the year of 2013 which the board has fully endorsed.


Louise Walker
Chairperson Board of Directors of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES)


As a consultant in the position of President and CEO, Ron Bremner saw that endeavour through to a speedy and very successful conclusion. In the more recent assignment he assumed the role of Vice-Chairman to assist the company at a senior level with several key objectives during a very turbulent time in that company’s development.

The excellent skills, selflessness and personal style that Ron demonstrated will be a legacy that both the company and individuals will benefit from on an ongoing basis. I would not hesitate to work with Ron again in the future to access his unique set of leadership and interpersonal skills.

Kilmer Group

Michael Griffiths
President and COO, Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Limited


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